Ok, I am beginning to panic a bit. I can’t find my passport which is awful in itself but it’s my only id and I need photographic id to get in to see Kate Bush so if I don’t have it then I don’t get to see her. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

OH MY GOD ST. VINCENT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! During the encore Annie Clark came to the front and she held up her guitar and got me to strum it and I basically went so hard I cut my finger open and she was just smiling at me and I think she was sort of…happy I was so aggressive? Plus apparently she kissed the top of my head aaaah Annie Clark is my hero oh man I am going to try extra hard with my writing and playing now. She’s so inspiring and magical and talented.

I normally don’t really care about what I wear to gigs but I’m really struggling with what to wear for St. Vincent tomorrow because I want to look as chic and badass as she does but eh…I dress like a five year old most of the time.